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I've seen a piece of work I really like in one of your galleries, is it OK if I just take it from your site ?

No. The works are digitally signed. No Images may be used without permission in writing.

Do you charge for your artwork ?

Yes, so please don't ask for freebies. I work on projects and every job is completely different. I don't have a 'price list' to send you; so if interested in a particular piece or have something on your mind, you would have to conntact me.
As of projects; to help me give you an indication of a price range for a particular job - the more information you have about what exactly you want, the more specific I can be.
Things I need to know are what kind of style of artwork you're interested in, in what final media and what for.
If you have a budget set aside then let me know and I can tell you what I can or cannot do for that. At the moment I have to do straight forward jobs to keep me afloat as I don't even begin to make a living from my artwork, but obviously if in the future I can live off something I enjoy then I'd love to be able to. My rates are reasonably priced.

What information do you need before you can start working on some artwork for me?

Basically the more you can tell me the better. First and foremost what is the deadline, do you want a fresh all-around  design or something else, what exactly is the artwork going to be used for and what format/ media do you require it in? As a rule I supply all work as hi-resolution digital files on CDR with print proofs on glossy paper. Illustration work is supplied as digital reproductions, however if you would like the actual artwork as well this can be arranged for an extra fee.
Regarding subject matter. The more you can tell me the easier it is to get started. Is there a specific theme or have you got a very definite idea? If you have any materials to work with, then send them along. If you really don't have any preconceived ideas about what you want and would like me to "do whatever you like" that's absolutely fine, but please be sure you really mean that. I do not tent to spend days doing a whole series of work under this guideline to eventually end up being told that what I have done isn't really what you "had in mind". So please bear that in mind. Time permitting I will usually send you rough sketches and drafts for proofing before I start on the artwork properly. Regarding style you could always point me in the direction of any previous work on my site, so that might help me in realising what kind of feel you wish for the finished work.

How quick can you be?

I hate working to deadlines. I am often working on several projects at once, so the more notice you can give me the better. If you need things done by tomorrow, you'd be better off going somewhere else.

Do you have any spare artwork to see so we can choose something ?

I do not make stock gallery. At the moment I simply haven't the time to build up any kind of library or back-log of personal, unused work ( would particularly like to do a photo-stock). This is something I would like to be able to offer in the future.

Is the work in your personal galleries for sale ? Which pieces are still available and what are the prices ?

Much of the portfolio artwork is not available.
The work that is for purchase is under digital patterns.

A) Collectors buy the right to broadcast the patter(s) as non-material installations for particular event, rather than buying the artwork itself.
B) Sole-user licences for the manufactures have to be contracted separately.

I also have few past artworks that can be bought on order as sighned, numbered limited editions ( framed or unframed prints, posters, engravings, prints.on mesh) or agreed upon other sort of media usage ( projections, instalations or any other application).
Upon purchase, copyright issues will be discussed indivudually.

Where can I buy your work?

My artworks cannot be purchased in the real-life souvenier-galleries and I do not exhibit there.
Digital technology is my tool for the dematerialization of the artwork and art in general.
Certain art-pieces can be purchased only through or from me directly.
I am interested in a Art Consultant / art agent interested in digital artists to market my work.

Kristina Maskarin, Rab, Croatia

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