Kristina Maškarin a.k.a. kristina_tina  a.k.a. kunstlerina a.k.a. kristoforina

Kristina Maskarin, unconventional artist.
Graduated at the School for Applied Arts in Zagreb, Department of Textile 1987 and finished afterwards several part-time courses in England during the '90-ties and won a 1st place at the sutdent year exhibition in '92  at the Camden School of Arts, London.

Working in tourism (runs her own travel agency: see www. , Kristina is interested in merging various areas (anthropology, humanism, history of art, cognition ) with art and travel, she is combining multidisciplinary approaches to visual and creative expressions.  In her own visual expression combined techniques are recognised as her 'handwriting';  from traditional art & craft techniques, mixed media, to contemporary digital media, art activism and new technology. 

She had a couple of group exhibitions and in the '90-ties participated on ex-tempore in Volosko and Grožnjan. First solo exhibition in the Student Gallery S. Radic of Zg campus in Zagreb in '95 under the leadership of Ksenija Baronica. 
Her work have been shown internationally in online and offline venues such as Stoke Newington Festival - Mme Lillie Quarter century show, Art Addiction 1st Medial Biennial, ISA - International Society of Artists,, Absolute, Artmajeur, D'Art, Webism and more
In 2005 she won Award of Distinction / Prize of Excellence at the Art Addiction 1st Medial Biennial, London among 258 artists from 56 countries with 1857 artworks for her work RAYE.

Today Rarely exhibites.

- informal & personal BIOSism ::

Enjoyed happy childhood on the island Rab, Croatia, as the oldest of the two daughters. Withdrawn and adventureous child who loved long hides and searches in the woods and fields near the family house. When not out, I was drawing. In primary and secondary school known as a good student with strange looks. My teen years were spent at the boarding school in Zagreb where I graduated at the wonderful School for applied arts and design in Zagreb, followed by Fashion design on Institute for textiles, the only near- to applied arts course available at the time. That was a dull and unchallanging course with poor facilities and sadly tailored curriculum with poor perspective in the troubled textile industries. So I chucked it. 

Instead, I decided to pause to think it over and went travelling to Middle East, India and Nepal for the winter 87/88 and spent some time researching in the area and got aquainted with the new culture, overcame some personal challanges and became interested in tribe logics and environmental issues.On return I got employed by Rima - a marketing & publishing company from Rijeka as a gallery assistant in "Duke's palace gallery " in Rab and worked there until the turbulent 1990ties. I was 22 at a time and thought to return to study to get a degree... But after the bombardment of Zagreb during one of the exams in autumn 1991. I had it enough and  left for UK where I stayed on-&-off basis for almost 3 years. I was not too happy about it since it interrupted with my planns, but otherwise seemed not a bad idea for the well-being of my soul. With my pacifist ideas I could have not done much good back home. As of years in UK, I stayed in London all the time, with few excursions to Brighton and Isle of Wight. Time in London was spent on endless city walks on the nearby Heath and of course touring galleries, museums, libraries and on part-time studies and babysitting Beth, Binnie and Maddy... Au pair life. Thanks to my hosts - Grossmann's family I enjoyed it most of the time, specially during textile screenprinting art classes at the Hapmstead School of Arts; with a Fine Artist David Carr as the Headmaster, where I met K.D.Baldwin, a part-time teacher who talked me into applying for BA course...  I actually won the place for the BA in textile arts on Goldsmiths collage but here a complication: alien fees. I refused to go for refugee status or do a bogus-marriage in order to study, hence did not manage to sort out funding ie. the tuition fees.  UK immigration rules show how Education is declaratively for everyone, but in reallity out of the reach for those that are not rich or 'resourceful'. On the other hand understandable considering that education is one of the Britain's best export products ( after music).   Actually, thinking of it today, it is very sad that most of  'other nationals or aliens or 3rd or underdeveloped..." put their values under western scrutiny, as if the values are the same... At that time I too thought that at least I knew I had potential because of them saying so...  The secretary of Mr Al Fayed of Harrods where I applied for grant put it nicelly; "Do you think Mr Al Fayed would be so rich if he was giving away his money just like that?" ( as if all he has is a deed of his sole work ). In overrall just as many others, I was enchanted with the possibilities, but unlike others, I did not want to conform. So, having failed to put the money together or find a sponsor, I came back in 1994. My friend Sheran whom I met in 1993-4 at the Citylit on a screenprinting course couldn't believe I'd leave. But it wasn't all for nothing; I learned the lanquage, did lots of applied courses  ( profficiency in english, screenprinting, computing, pattern cutting and modeling courses), made some very nice friends, seen great museums and exhibitions...  I know today that noone can give you good enough credit to assure you of your own worth. There is this explanation as a friend of mine Ivana whom I met at the Hapmstead Garden Suburb Institute, puts it: english tomatoes do not have the taste as ours so it is good to go home... Reason good enough, what do you think? ( Mind you, just recently the tomatoes on our markets started to taste very much the same as english.) After return to Croatia and on my home island, I worked in the family agency, with a short break of couple of months in Germany in order to understand our 'gastarbeiters'. Being back for good in Croatia I was shocked about the society here; corruption, politics and appalling legal system here and lack of transparency, democratic standards and fair society and even more with the environmetalists and NGO's who were mainly into soliciting for funds from the budget or dubiouse foreign fundings and advocating new job projects for their own end. But what to do, one cannot stop the environmental catastrophy, you just have to survive through it if possible. Since my parents run a small private travel agency from the '90-ties, I joined in. See:
Coming from completely different background ( artist) I had to complete different profficiency courses in the travel and tourism industry ( for the travel agency office manager, real estate agent and travel guide).  I have been working in the agency since 1995 and have gained hands-on experiences in travel business and other related skills ( like secretarial work, PR, marketing, promotions, negotiating skills to in-house material designing). After 10 years working with the parents I became comfortable managing the agency so run it on my own since 2005. Beside core business, I am focusing my energies at the agency to improve public awareness on environment and impacts of tourism on it ( see Urban Island ) and to develop cognition creative holidays ( see kristofor art holiday offers ).

Now I live a quiet life in the province and am seen on and off the island.

As of Art, where am I today? 

I am for a life-long education and am learning by myself through different unconventional means. I have thought myself html standard 3.0, got aquainted with Dreamweaver but still preffer pure html lanquage and editors like Arachnophilia . I work with a combination of computer photo programs to get the best outcome in the digital imaging.
It is such a shame that there aren't any relevant art-courses ( not just hobb- entrance-level or computer games design courses) available on a long-distance or via- internet just as yet. In the last 5 years I have worked on internet and in digital media as my primary way of expression. 

Nowdays I am interested in multidisciplinary approaches, particularly researching cognition and healing through visual expression and tools, implementing it through the agency special holiday programm ( see above ). 

I rarely exhibit and create only a few real-life canvases.

Variouse Work Experiences:
telephonist, babysitter, waitress, saleswomen, receptionist, gallery assistant, farm worker / horse hostler, travel agent, webmaster & designer, free-lance artist

My past artworks are online in this portfolio, as well as few outlines of the newer works. I also run an broader project in connection to tourism ( urban-island) and am active member of ISA,, Absolute, Artmajeur, D'Art etc. art communities and others.

Art- background; 
- traditional drawing and painting techniques; 
- applied arts; incl. fashion styling & modeling,fashion desing, textile crafts (dyeing, weaving), silk-screen printing, 

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"Perceptually, subconsciously and consciously aware of the symbols, symbolic relationships, apstract ideas, options, and choice of options as they realte to creative or innovative activities. Conscious of exhistance, meaning and purpose, potential and destiny of humankind, people and self, motivated by a self- felt, self accepted calling to the cause of good, growth and gain in the lives of others. Influential communication of ideas is a primary way of achieveing those objectives. Perception and thinking holistic and conceptual are a major trait in her cultural, intellectual and creative activities and includes ideas, concepts, theory, ethics, and values. Curiosity and awareness about the nature and utility of things, analysis and experimentation are crucial part of Kristina's vocational as well as recreational activities. " - International Assessment Network / MAPP.
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