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5 CREATIVITY COMMANDMENTS for the aspirants:

1. One's Spirit must do as far as it is able. Zero action is your limit, doing nothing shuts the doors of perception.

2. Mind thinks anything, remember this at all times. It can clutter your insight.

3. Body does what it can. Appreciate its limits, that is your framework.

4. Our space is too much circumstanced by the ring of the horizon, broaden both.

5.  Soul posseses energetic imperative, listen to the truth of your own holy nature for guidance and direction

use hope as a guide
n hope hope is vital brain program saying yes to life

get inspired

vt learn ability to think outside the habitual and go beyond duality


vt  communicate
approach with gratitude


get inspired
vt dream tainted reality, a wish your heart makes or a a wastebin for your brain

A light look at life's journey
n truth truth is what you believe,
better than trends, timeless, stranger than fiction,  the first casualty of war / cyber or other,
relative einstein's theory may have to be turned on its head, suppressed in a declining civilization,
a pathless land by j krishnamurti, subjective, beware of the crowd around it

vt enlight action program that focuses on the whole brain thinking and gives tools through art according to the quality of illumination

mind I body I work I bio & conntact