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Kristina Maskarin

Kristina Maškarin a.k.a. kristina_tina  a.k.a. kunstlerina a.k.a. kristoforina

ARTIST STATEMENT - Portfolio project AtelierK

My Body is its History, shape in the mind, shape in the mind/ eye, mine or your's subconscious mind... It is a sacrament, a container for the Self and a temple of the Holy Spirit, nature's wonderland. It is affecting my mind, it is changing, unique for each person and requires care. 

Creativity is is the the key to ineffective alternative. Natural as breathing for being myself, mightier than the board and expressing itself through Body. Endless process, spice of life, the key to a future, 'everyone's enemy',  the gift of love, more  important than knowledge. The key of life flowing through me, essential to my dreams and goals, allowing me to make mistakes. It is a field, the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, comprehending what others see and thinking afresh and making the complicated simple.  Exciting, available everywhere, refreshinlgy contagious, helpful, my most valuable and most valued asset. 

Mind is a myth and table of contents, a terrible thing to waste without. Timeless fighter over the matter faster than the eye. It is always working and recording mental images. The expression of the brain and the body separately or in a combined state, the key to complete leadership, a valuable investment tool.  It is going to order a herbal viagra or partake in a big scientific research... Mind is about conditional predictions, beautiful when like a still lake, enemy when without fear. Mind is just an analog machine, not really in the head. 

Work is usually nameless, usually never done, powerful economic development tool leading to new employments in a daycare program for adults. Work is generally marked for extinction, only this is not recognised just as yet. Unfortunately, or? 
Now a few words about My Artwork: always a play, valuable gift, love made visible, actually a series of unscheduled programmed operations fixed in tangible medium of expression. 

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About the author: Kristina Maskarin, unconventional artist.
Graduated at the School for Applied Arts in Zagreb, Department of Textile 1987 and finished afterwards several part-time courses in England during the '90-ties and won a 1st place at the student year exhibition in '92  at the Hampstead School of Art, Camden, London.

After return to Croatia, Kristina works in tourism, running her own travel agency: see, continuing with her artwork and aspiring to bring the two; job and passion toghether.
Kristina has been always interested in merging various ideas ( transcending influences), techniques ( mixed media) and areas (anthropology, humanism, history of art, cognition ), combining multidisciplinary approaches specially in her visual and creative expressions.  That became her 'handwriting', more than any particular 'style';  from traditional art & craft techniques, mixed media, to contemporary digital media, art activism and new technology to mixture of all. 

She had a couple of group exhibitions and in the '90-ties participated on ex-tempore in Volosko and Grožnjan. First solo exhibition in the gallery  of the S. Radic campus in Zagreb in '95 under the leadership of Ksenija Baronica. 
Her work have been shown internationally in online and offline venues such as Stoke Newington Festival - Mme Lillie Quarter century show, Art Addiction 1st Medial Biennial, ISA - International Society of Artists,, Absolute, Artmajeur, D'Art, Webism and more
In 2005 she won Award of Distinction / Prize of Excellence at the Art Addiction 1st Medial Biennial, London among 258 artists from 56 countries with 1857 artworks for her work RAYE.

Today rarely exhibites.

General Artist Statement:

The conditions and means of artistic creation have changed drasticly through development of technology. Many artist today, me included, use of numerouse tech- tools and move to new virtual territories. New art genres are constantly formed in the digital sphera; fine 2D arts, digital art actictivism, webart interventions, new online visual arts and variouse projects. My digital works reflect my previouse stage with mixed media; not they are digital new media artworks, created mostly through individual creation but some are also part of collaborative projects with other artists. Web has become our main medium; not only for communication among each other but of creation as well. 

However, the new media also has its limitations; such as modality of creating by tool tech- grade or availability, fear of virtual non freedom ( profiling, closed environments, controlling, subjection, discrimination...).  Main reality moulder is Total merge of the industrial design, marketing and media, while Art becomes consumer hi-tech industrial product. As means, technology usage and accessability shows for what and to whom it serves, while the goals do not have to be ( but can be) always presented and justified. It is evil when the technology becomes the main tool and strongest weapon of the political and ideological propaganda and economic slavery.

 Art- background; 
- traditional drawing and painting techniques;
- applied arts; / fashion styling & modeling,/ fashion desing, / textiles crafts ( dyeing, weaving), / photography, / silk-screen printing, 
- mixed media, digital art.

- Art Addiction 1st Medial Biennial, - Kristina Maskarin
medial 1. art biennial [2005]    31.12.2004     31.12.2005 annual exhibition; 258 artists from 56 countries with 1857 artworks

    Kristina Maskarin  won Award of Distinction / Prize of Excellence:

The pictures in the portfolio are not pure digital reproductins / scans of already existing works that are just presented through an updated medium. I further worked on the imagery to fit the digital medium. My artist map is thought of as a round project of itself, not as pure artist presentation book. Therefore  this website is just sketching out an incomplete artwork show incorporating them in this conceptual portfolio. Most of my very latest works are not present here.

A) Collectors buy the right to broadcast the patter(s) as non-material installations for particular event, rather than buying the artwork itself.
B) Sole-user licences for the manufactures have to be contracted separately.

If you are interested in conntracting me to design some artwork or are interested in some of my work write me to this address -

To find out if I can offer what it is you're looking for please check out my frequently asked questions page. ( HR: pitanja i odgovori). If there is anything else you would like to know, or if you simply want to say 'Hi' then don't hesitate to drop me a line.

( croatian version of this site follows soon)


I would love to work with architects on the interior / exterior listels. Most of my works are envisioned for bigger sizes and ideally for bigger public spaces.

I am open for contacts with the Art Consultants / Art Agents interested in digital artists & my artwork and to other artists for co-operation and sharing projects:: EMail me your proposals.

"Perceptually, subconsciously and consciously aware of the symbols, symbolic relationships, apstract ideas, options, and choice of options as they realte to creative or innovative activities. Conscious of exhistance, meaning and purpose, potential and destiny of humankind, people and self, motivated by a self- felt, self accepted calling to the cause of good, growth and gain in the lives of others. Influential communication of ideas is a primary way of achieveing those objectives. Perception and thinking holistic and conceptual are a major trait in her cultural, intellectual and creative activities and includes ideas, concepts, theory, ethics, and values. Curiosity and awareness about the nature and utility of things, analysis and experimentation are crucial part of Kristina's vocational as well as recreational activities. " - International Assessment Network / MAPP.
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